It’s like in spite of all the hard work and effort, you don’t seem to be happy about your life. It is as if all your achievements and challenges weren’t enough for you.

It’s 6 AM and the alarm went off again, with that annoying tune you already dread so much!

AND THE, YOU LOOK AT YOUR DOG. He’s so excited to be alive!!! So happy to see you this morning!! He’s so glad you live to fight another day!!!  He’s ready to go out and pee in the same tree, look at the same squirrel and smell the same dogs that live in this same old block. He loves the meal you so carefully prepared for him, consisting of the same ingredients he’s been having for three years now and is ready to go to the park for that beautiful morning walk.

Have you ever wondered how dogs achieve that sense of excitement about life? Don’t you secretly, at least for a second, envy your dog’s ability to block jadedness?

This is what we promote at Caninelife. We want to feel like our dogs feel. We want people to make the best of their time with their dogs because it is a limited time believe or not. We promote healthy living with your pup and sell accessories geared toward you being able to enjoy your dog’s life to the fullest.

We all have so much to learn from dogs! At CanineLife, we think a dog has the purest, most elemental positive energy a being can have on this planet.  We want to transmit that same energy to you, fellow dog owner!! How lucky are we? Now pass me that same coffee and toast and let’s celebrate!

So welcome to our site, and feel free to browse through our catalog, our articles on healthy living, or simply look at the pics our customers have shared (they’re pretty awesome!!!)

Let’s all be excited about our lives, the same way our dogs feel every day they head out to the park. Because going out with your dog is a unique and beautiful moment, regardless of season, current events, or state of mind you’re in. Because life is Always A Walk In The Park.  

Welcome to CanineLife

Camilo & Luna